"How is it that Cambridge University, with over 700 different societies, does not have one for arts?"

Baffled by this question, a small group of undergraduate students banded together in the fall of 2015 with an idea: if it doesn't exist, why not create it ourselves?

A year later, we are ready to launch the very first society in Cambridge University that is dedicated to the practise of the arts. 

There are many with a will to discover, to learn, as well as those with great talent in this historic town. Our wish is to assemble all such individuals and give them the platform to express themselves and experiment with something new. 

Moreover, practicing art can be very therapeutic in helping to relieve stress and can even improve your concentration. By focusing on the piece you are creating, you can leave your worries behind and for a moment enter a world where there is no pressure, no deadlines, no examinations. It's just you and your piece. 

We know this to be an incredible feeling and we want to share it with all our members through this society. 

Starting in October, we will be running weekly sessions during the weekend for students of any and all levels: from complete beginners who have never held a brush, to experienced artists who wish to polish their skills. In short, anyone who has an interest in practicing art will be warmly welcome. Of course we realise that for some beginners it might seem a little daunting to join the more experienced artists in our sessions, and so we will do our very best to accommodate them.  Which is why we will be running two different types of sessions: the free studio session and the introductory class.

So whatever your artistic preference, we hope you can join us !