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Announcing our Termcard

A big thank you to everyone who came to our Welcome Back pub session! And now to announce our plans for this term to everyone who couldn't make it - take a look at our schedule for Lent Term.

In addition to our weekly Saturday sessions, we will be running a couple of formals and, in celebration of the end of term, on Saturday the 11th March at 4pm at Pembroke College we'll be hosting an expo afternoon Tea Party with plenty of cakes and the works of our artists on display.

This term promises to be entertaining ! 

- xo


Welcome back pub session 

Come join us Tuesday the 24th January at The Eagle Pub at one of our popular pub drawing sessions. The time will be 8:00pm.

Bring your pens, pencils and pads (or we can lend you ours) to draw, chat and just have fun ! 

We'll be sitting outside under the heaters. Find us, or message us on Facebook and we'll come find you.

Looking forward to welcome back (or simply welcome) all you artists !

our new partner !

CUSofA is happy to announce that we are officially entering into partnership with the Arts Alliance !

Arts Alliance is the leading producer, financier, distributor and marketer of Event Cinema worldwide. With over 70 event cinema releases across screens around the globe, Arts Alliance distributes world-class shows to audiences in 4000+ screens in over 60 territories, engaging fans with the content they are most passionate about.

In the fast-growing Event Cinema market, Arts Alliance presents exciting, multi-dimensional content across all genres: live opera and ballet, dynamic art exhibitions, theatre productions and the best rock & pop events.

With this our members can expect a new range of benefits such as access to behind-the-scenes content ! Expect first hand updates on screening in Cambridge !


With the start of term less than a month away, our team is getting ready for our launch at the Societies Fair !

Come check out our stall and talk to our committee members.